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Travelpro Crew 5 Garment Sleeve



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3016W Swiss Army Swiss Werks 2.0 Tri-Fold Garment Bag 20.5x12.5x6.5" 199.99 Click to Enlarge
3013W Swiss Army Swiss Werks 2.0 Deluxe Garment Sleeve 22.5x22.5x3.5" 129.99 Click to Enlarge
370 Briggs and Riley Baseline Deluxe Garment Bag 22x20.5x11.5"  8.5 lbs. 319.00 Click to Enlarge
375 Briggs and Riley Baseline Compact Garment Bag 22x13x8.5"  6.6 lbs. 259.00 Click to Enlarge
379 Briggs and Riley Baseline Classic Garment Cover 21x22.5x2"   2.8 lbs. 109.00 Click to Enlarge
380 LBriggs and Riley Baseline Long Garment Cover 22x26.5x2"  32.lbs. 119.00 Click to Enlarge
2190 Hartmann Intensity 44" OvernightLite Garment Cover 44x21.5x15 (opened) 200.00 Click to Enlarge
2260 Hartmann Intensity 44" Travel Master 44x24x3.5 (opened) 420.00 Click to Enlarge
2260 Hartmann Tweed 44" Travel Master garment bag 44x24x3.5"opened 495.00 Click here to enlarge
2270 Hartmann Tweed 48" Travel Master garment bag 48x24x3.5"opened 595.00
2280 Hartmann Tweed 44" Garment Bag 44x24x4" opened 495.00 Click here to enlarge
2190 Hartmann Tweed 44" Overnight Garment Sleeve 44x22x1.5"opened 295.00 Click here to enlarge

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