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From carry-on to oversize duffles in many sizes and colors; all without wheels.  Here are some of our more sought out models in order by price.



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Swiss Army Swiss Werks 2.0  Deluxe Cargo Duffel

22.25x12.5x11.75" 99.99 Click to Enlarge
3102X Swiss Army NXT 3.0 Standard Duffel Bag 21x10x10" 159.99   Click to Enlarge
601 Briggs and Riley Baseline Map Bag
11x16x4"  2.3 lbs.
79.00 Click to Enlarge
602 Briggs and Riley Baseline Touring Bag 16x11x4"  2.3 lbs. 119.00 Click to Enlarge
603 Briggs and Riley Baseline Excursion Backpack 18x13x9"  2.4 lbs. 129.00 Click to Enlarge
640X Briggs and Riley Baseline Expandable Duffle 11.8x21.5x13.5-26" 4.7 lbs 129.00 Click to Enlarge
642 Briggs and Riley Baseline Ation Duffle 10.5x21x12"  3.9 lbs. 129.00 Click to Enlarge
1950 Hartmann Intensity 20" Club Bag 10.5x20x1.5" 220.00 Click to Enlarge
1120 Hartmann Tweed 21" Outling Bag 21x11.75x11.5" 385.00 Click here to enlarge
1860 Hartmann Tweed 22" Travel Duffel 22x10x10" 425.00 Click here to enlarge
1070 Hartmann Tweed 21" Travel Bag 21x13x9.75" 395.00 Click here to enlarge

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