Brahmin Handbags

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Brahmin >>>The Tri-Texture Collection>>> The Melbourne Collection
Melbourne Croc is a Brahmin tradition.  When you think of Brahmin you envision their luxurious Melbourne Croc it's rich and timeless. 
Available in beautiful black and signature pecan.


Model Click on Description Dimensions WxHxD Price


G90151 Anytime Mini 9x6x2.5" 95.00

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P77151 Mini Sonny 9.25x7.5x3" 225.00 Click to Enlarge
G97151 Anywhere Convertible 10.5x7.75x5" 235.00 Click to Enlarge
Q40151 Lane Crossbody 10.5x7.75x5" 235.00 Click to Enlarge
P58151 Small Willa 16x10.75x5" 255.00 Click to Enlarge
L15151 Medium Asher 15.5x10x5" 265.00 Click to Enlarge
H83151 Rosemary 11x12x3" 285.00 Click to Enlarge
M16151 Harrison Hobo 13.75x9.65x5" 295.00 Click to Enlarge
K49151 Large Duxbury 14.25x12x5" 295.00 Click to Enlarge
P72151 Bethany 14x12x3.5" 295.00 Click to Enlarge
P54151 Marianna 12.25x16x4" 295.00

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N26151 Ruby 13x11.75x5" 325.00 Click to Enlarge
N33151 Thelma 18x14.75x4.75" 325.00 Click to Enlarge
N40151 Gloria 10x12.5x5" 325.00 Click to Enlarge
P76151 Amy 16x11x5" 325.00 Click to Enlarge

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