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Zero Premier Line in 3 sizes.
The Premier line is the heavier duty aluminum case with the most innovative design.  The handle and locking system are durable and sophisticated in its operation and design.  Great for the top level executive. 

On the Outside, this piece is made of aluminum that Zero Halliburton is known for through out their line.  The entire locking system is interconnected for stream line operation.  Under the Zero name plate (centered under the handle) reveals the 3-digit combination tumblers.  Once the combination is reached the case opens easily with a push on the 2 side latches (located on both sides of the handle on top).  Simple and sophisticated, the center combination lock (underneath handle) keeps documents in a secured environment.   >>> a new promotion on Zero Halliburtons starting ...

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In the Inside, this piece has  room for your business folders.  Organizational pockets and fan file also can be found.  Interior is beautiful black leather through out.

Premier Executive Attache 18x13x3.7" P3

 in Silver 550.00


in Black 590.00


Gold 590.00



Premier Diplomate Attache 18x13x4.5" P4

 in Silver 560.00


in Black 675.00


Gold 600.00



Premier Traveler Attache 18x13x5.25" P5

 in Silver 570.00


in Black 610.00


Gold 610.00


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