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Early Days


The start of the "modern" new century has a stimulating effect on inventors and craftsmen. Ingenuity and imagination help the fountain pen to make its technical and commercial breakthrough as a writing instrument too. The Hamburg stationer Claus-Johannes Voss, the Hamburg banker Christian Lausen and the Berlin engineer Wilhelm Dziambor recognize the signs of the times and decide to produce and supply fountain pens.

Manufacturers of high-class gold and fountain pens" - Montblanc starts its history by making this confident claim for itself. For the time being, the small new company is still called 'SIMPLO FILLER PEN COMPANY'. The name 'Simplo' is probably derived from the word 'simple', which refers to the new pen design with a 'build-in' inkwell.

Introduction of the first "Rouge et Noir" fountain pen made from hard black ebonite rubber with a red top to the cap. This pen is meant for the educated classes - it is standard practice for the anglophile citizens of Hamburg to know a smattering of French as well. "You will not make any blots with a Rouge et Noir fountain pen", promises a girl in her best Sunday dress in an advertisement at the time. The "Simplo Filler Pen" company dares to expand abroad very early, opening its first agencies in Paris, London and - a little later - Barcelona.

"Montblanc Meisterstück - 75 Years of Passion and Soul". For the first time since the launch of the famous Meisterstück, Montblanc introduces a second brand: Montblanc Bohème.

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