Luggage: sizes, airline restrictions and more...

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26"26x20x11.5"   29"29x20x10"       
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Make sure your luggage measures up...
Luggage dimensions can be misleading.  Current 26 inch uprights can be larger
than the older style 29 inch suitcase you may have in your closet. 
Be sure to measure the luggage that you are replacing for a proper comparison.


Here is one exercise that could help you in selecting the right size for you.
All you need is a measuring tape and calculator.

Step #1
Go to your closet and get out the luggage that best served you in the past.  Measure the height, length and depth.  Multiply those figures to calculate the total capacity.  Say it is 29" by 20" by 10".  This would be  5,800 cubic inches (29x20x10"=5,800). 

Step #2
Calculate the capacity from the dimensions published on the web site pages.  For example expandable luggage with the dimensions of 26x20x11.5 - 13.5"  would  calculate a total capacity of 5,980 cubic inches (26x20x11.5"= 5,980) expanding to 7,020 cubic inches (26x20x13.5"= 7,020).

Step #3
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