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March 2008
Customer Robin H_____ reviews a Knomo leather black briefcase after a month of use

Purchased: Cholet 15.5  Laptop Bag

FREQUENCY OF USE:  I use it everyday.

I love my Knomo briefcase.   I really like the number of divider and organizational pockets, the fact that the laptop carrier can come in and out of the briefcase, and the look is great.
Dislike is that the handles are curved and fall into the middle when trying to zip, but I can live with that.

OVERALL RATING: Overall, a 4.5 on the product  (out of 5).

Response from LondonLuggage.com
The Knomo Line was a new line for us in 2007.  We have notice right away of the quality and workmanship.  This has been a very well received line for upscale business people.

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