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>>Mini Signature - Matching Trim.  Mixing and matching from the Mini Signature collection is more fun than a candy store. Its fine-woven, super-durable cloth with All-Weather Leather Trim.  Match your favorite color to one of the line's beautiful syles to design a Signature bag that is distinctively your own.  Comes in a Rainbow Signature w/Tan leather Trim.  Hover your curser over color swatch to identify color.  Also see Matching Accessories.   Another Handbag Series is the Mini Signature with smooth trim.

Aubergine Ivy Platinum rouge Brown Tmoro Taupe Black Red Navy Orange Yellow Light Blue with Blue Trim Brown with Mushroom Trim Bone Havana
Matching All-Weather Leather Trim and Handles
HO29 Mini Bucket
out of stock
9x8x5.5 125.00 Click to Enlarge
HO79 Medium Hobo
out of stock
9.5x12.5x2 225.00 Click to Enlarge

>>> More Mini Signature  page 1 2

No longer available
HO30 Extra Large Top Zip
out of stock
10.75x13.5x6 295.00 Click to Enlarge
HO75 Small Top Zip
out of stock
6x9.5x4 155.00 Click to Enlarge
HO78 Small Hobo
out of stock
8.5x11.5x2 165.00 Click to Enlarge
HO81 Slim Flap Bag
out of stock
7.5x10x4.5 210.00 Click to Enlarge
HO89 Small Shoulder Bag
out of stock
7.5x7.5x3 155.00 Click to Enlarge
HO85 Drawstring
out of stock
11x10.5x6 265.00 Click to Enlarge
HO86 Feedbag
out of stock
13x11x6 275.00 Click to Enlarge
HO87 Backpack
out of stock
11.75x11.5x4 230.00 Click to Enlarge
HO76 Medium Top Zip
out of stock
7x11x4.5 210.00 Click to Enlarge
HO80 Large Hobo
out of stock
11.25x14.75x2 275.00 Click to Enlarge
HO83 Medium Shoulder Bag
out of stock
9.5x10.25x3.5 220.00 Click to Enlarge
HO84 Large Shoulder Bag
out of stock
12x12x3.5 255.00 Click to Enlarge
HO45 Small Drawstring
out of stock
10x9x4.75 250.00 Click to Enlarge

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