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Here are the highest rated series:


IN STYLE - Hartmann Intensity Series  -click here- IN STYLE showing quality designers only!
Hartmann Intensity     also: Hartmann Traditional Tweed  Johnston & Murphy  Luxe  Wings  French  Vera Bradley
People in this group say:  I saw the independent luggage research on your website, wow!  I am looking for trouble free luggage.  I love to travel in style and I want it to hold up for I am always traveling.  I want my luggage to reflect my taste.  When I travel through the Airport all the luggage looks the same, boring.  I want something distinctive without compromising durability.  I want my luggage to look nice and wear well.
TOUGH - Briggs and Riley Baseline Series  -click here- TOUGH the toughest luggage made for the most frequent and the roughest airline travel!
Briggs and Riley Baseline     also: Swiss Army NXT 4.0  Travelpro Platinum 5   Swiss Army Tourbach
People in this group say: I am a frequent traveler and I want   the best......I know how rough the airlines can be to luggage, so I want the maximum protection........I buy luggage from this group and it lasts for years ago and it still looks great.  It is worth the piece of mind.
VALUE - Briggs and Riley Transcend Series  -click here-

SOLID VALUE the lightest weight luggage that is still very very strong!
Briggs and Riley Transcend      also: Swiss Werks 3.0  Travelpro Crew 6  Delsey Pilot  Travelpro Flightpro 4       
People in this group say:   I want the best value for people who travel with the airlines....these lines offer features to protect against airline damage and has enjoyed best value status for price conscious budgets. The Briggs Transcend has the handle on the outside for more room.  The Swiss Werks is liteweight and stylish as well.

ECONO - Delsy Breeze Series  -click here- ECONOMICAL we will only show the best in this category!
Delsey Breeze     also: Travelpro Walkabout Lite  Ricardo Solutions  Ricardo Del Mar Lite
People in this group say:   My budget is tight.  I want to pay as little as possible for luggage, but I do not want something that will fall apart either.

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Swiss Army NXT 3.0
  SOLID VALUE Swiss Werks 2.0
 SOLID VALUE  Travelpro Crew 6
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Looking to go Light?
Over the past few years, the airlines have forced the weight of the luggage as one of the most important issues when selecting luggage.
The challenge to customers is to not only find lightweight luggage to avoid unwanted airline fees.  The real challenge is to find lightweight luggage that is also durable.  In other words the lightest weight luggage made is NOT the most durable luggage.  And the most durable luggage is NOT going to be the lightest weight. 

Therefore a compromise has to be made.  Some luggage series are made with no real frame or a inferior frame that does not hold up well.  This is unacceptable to the typical airline traveler who can not afford the luggage to prematurely wear out or simply fall apart on the road.  The SOLID VALUE category merges the two issues (lightweight and durability) together.  These luggage series are significantly lighter in weight than earlier generations, while still maintaining solid structure to endure the abuse of a rough airline or road trip.


Durability does matter.
For many customers it is durability that is the number one
How will the rolling uprights hold up after years of travel?  We know that wear ability and how your travel case performs is such an important issue with
travelers, we encourage each person  to consider how relevant it is to their voyage needs.  If it is the most
important issue to you, we strongly urge you to consider the TOUGH category.  You will not find luggage more durable luggage.


Our customers tell us why.
At our shop, we are continuously interviewing customers, manufacturer representatives and 
our own sales consultants.  We created the above listing as a quick guideline considering durability and customer satisfaction.  In today's travel environment, people buy wheeled baggage, not for show, but to go!  Travelers are looking for a trouble free experience.  You do not want the wheel dragging against 
the frame when your trying to roll through the airport.

The budget is a major influence for selecting check thru wheelers.  The best suitcases can be 3 to 5 times the price of the "economical" category.  The above listing represents the top brands in each of the categories.

These above totes, satchels and carry-on wardrobe bag brands are "proven performers".  They have proven themselves over the years as consistently satisfying customer's expectations.  No matter what wheel-a-way, tote, duffle or pullman you choose, we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

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