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Actual Postings from Frequent Travelers                                                                                                                
After 2 months the suit locker broke.
I sent two emails and phoned twice and Tumi customer service just sent me forward and back from email to phone and vice-versa.
Now, I not only think that the quality of the suitcases is not good, as they have the worst customer care ever.
Don't see a reason for buying Tumi in the future even if the price was 20% what it is.
Be careful because it is more marketing than quality.
Flyer Talk-Paulo 05/2/14

Well I have limited experience but we've had the carry on wheeled suitor from B&R for about 4 years and it has several 100k miles on it and it looks new. No issues at all. We've also had a Tumi suitor (no wheels) and the zipper broke; a Tumi wheeled brief case -- lots of loose threads on the bottom of the bag and the handle broke and a Tumi 21" carry on and parts inside have fallen off (odd parts -- screws and things but the bag works fine??). So my husband and I have converted to B&R. I just got the B&R Baseline 21" carryon.

Flyer Talk-Hillview 09/25/11
I have both B&R and Travelpro. B&R is good quality and fantastic warranty, as some other have said, they are what Travelpro used to be and perhaps even more. The one downside with the carry on B&R is the outsider handles -- this does reduce the amount of packing space versus an internal handles bag. I personally like the flat packing but you may have space issues. Their 20 inch bags still have a suiter compartment. The zippers on the B&R to me are superior to Travelpro.

Travelpro Crew 8 is a decent product, I wouldn't go so far to say that it is "cheap" quality, just not in the same vein as their earlier stuff. With each sequential Crew series, the weight has decreased (most likely due to market demand with more stringent carry on regs), but so has the quality. However, at 40% to 50% of B&Rs price, I think it is still decent. Please note that TP's 20 inch bags for Crew 8 are either widebody or have a "business" organizer in the standard. Neither have a suiter compartment. 
Flyer Talk-Awp91 09/26/11
I don't think most of the B&R fans here go for them because of the warranty - certainly it is good but I want a bag I don't have worry about sending back anyway.

I at least go for B&R because of the quality, durability, LOOKS (which at least in the rolling computer bags I like) and functionality. Some of all this is a matter of personal choice. But you do seem to hear less about wear and tear problems with B&R than with Tumi - maybe because so many more people have Tumi, but maybe not.
Flyer Talk-Sydney, Australia
Over the last three years in AA F cabins, I'm seeing more B&R and less Tumi- maybe word IS getting out
(I'm another B&R fan - expandable roller, expandable duffel and expandable computer bag - the roller is approaching its tenth birthday and is going strong ).
Flyer Talk-Evangelist
I've not heard of any bursting open, but I do use a strap around our Rimowa Aluminum XXL. The case still appears somewhat new, but was purchased in 1994.

The reason is that that model of case pre-dates the use of the TSA locks. Rather than leave it unlocked, the strap we bought comes with a single TSA lock to secure it.

When packing to " the brim, " keep the mesh dividers in place. They prevent the case from being overloaded and blowing out. If the center mesh dividers are used as they should, that would alleviate any Rimowa case from then bulging out and possibly open.
Flyer Talk-Swissaire 05/05/14
I was traveling within Hong Kong where it seemed 50% of the cases on my flight were Rimowa. Rimowa is a great brand it's lightweight and looks amazing even after checking it.
Flyer Talk-Neverfirst 05/05/14

Editorial Note: To sum it up I think we are on the right track with the B&R/Briggs & Riley & Rimowa...........more reviews to come....

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