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Cross Pens >>>Luxury>>> Cross Peerless 125

The design details of Cross Peerless 125 are impeccable, featuring a powerful wide-bodied profile, precious
metal finishes, and a Swarovski crystal with a brilliant-faceted cut.  It is the culmination of everything Cross stands for, and those who carry it will not be overlooked. Also see the Peerless Special Edition series celebrating
New York's Chrysler Building, London's Big Ben and Tokyo's Skytree.


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Satnink Flowing Ball Points
AT0702-1 Obsidian Black Lacquer 185.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0702-2 Platinum Plate/Medalist 265.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0702-3 Platinum Plate 265.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0702-4 23KT Heavy Gold Plate   300.00 Click here to enlarge
Rolling Balls
AT0705-1 Obsidian Black Lacquer 240.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0705-2 Platinum Plate/Medalist 315.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0705-3 Platinum Plate 315.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0705-4 23KT Heavy Gold Plate 345.00 Click here to enlarge
Fountain Pens
AT0706-1 Obsidian Black Lacquer 475.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0706-2 Platinum Plate/Medalist 550.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0706-3 Platinum Plate 550.00 Click here to enlarge
AT0706-4 23KT Heavy Gold Plate 575.00 Click here to enlarge
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